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A Birthday Party With Lance Bass

Wednesday's all-star wish is from the mother of a young man with Down's syndrome, who told us her son's world would be "perfect" if he could just meet his idol, singer Lance Bass of the popular rock group 'N SYNC.

Dayne Nygaard's mother, Linda, was so anxious to tell The Early Show her son's story, there wasn't even time to start her letter with the usual "Dear CBS."

"Wow! Our son Dayne turns 25 in May," Linda reads from her letter. "I think when you meet Dayne you're going to see his personality come out."

And as Dayne walked into the house with a big smile on his face, it was easy to tell. He greeted his mom and introduced his girlfriend Marybeth.

Linda Nygaard says, "It's unexplainable to me as a mom without bragging because he's a cool person with a cool personality because he really is, and he exudes happiness. Life has not been easy for him, but he doesn't know it! He goes through life with an ease that you and I don't have because he doesn't expect."

Dayne was born with Down's syndrome.

Linda says, "Dayne moved out of our house two years ago into a group home setting. The hardest part for me was not having somebody to tell me I was gorgeous every morning."

Dayne's father, Dale, says Dayne has been a shining star for the family. "Always positive, always outgoing, a real uplifting force in our family. He just loves to dance, and he's really got some good moves."

Dayne proved his father was right. In his room, he performed "Bye,Bye, Bye," a song by the group 'N SYNC, with hand motions and all. "I love this," he said, full of excitement.

Dayne calls himself the No.1 fan of 'N SYNC and its singer Lance Bass. Dayne's favorite 'N SYNC song is "This I Promise You."

Linda says, "Dayne has been an 'N SYNC fan since they began. He wants to wear clothes like Lance, and every time he gets his hair cut, he has to have it just like that, like Lance. "

Dayne notes, "He's got the same haircut like me, and I got his." And proudly he shows his room.

It is a veritable shrine to 'N SYNC and Lance Bass with posters, videos even 'N SYNC bobble heads!

Linda says, "As I was cleaning his room, I found enough articles in magazines to wallpaper two more rooms, I think. Here was his trick-or-treat bag, with Lance in front, Lance in the back, and he was Lance himself."

And that's exactly why Dayne's mother wrote to The Early Show. Her letter reads, "He knows Lance's birthday is very near his in May. Each year, he begs me to invite Lance to his birthday party and he tells everyone that Lance will be coming! Does Dayne know something we don't?"

Well, Linda's letter arrived in perfect time for The Early Show to bring Dayne to L.A. to surprise him with the birthday present of a lifetime.

A limousine picked them up and everything was in synch.

To Dayne, Linda said, "I have a birthday present for you." And right after that, Lance Bass greeted them both.

"Hey Dayne, Happy Early Birthday!" Bass said and they started talking about their birthdays as if they were old friends. Dayne was excited and gave Lance a birthday card.

Lance asked him, "Can I open it now, or will that embarrass you?"

"Go ahead!" said Dayne.

"Thank you very much, Dayne," Lance said and gave Dayne a hug. "That's my first birthday card...thank you very much, Dayne, very cool!"

But it did not end up there. Lance gave Dayne the grand tour of the "America's Most Talented Kid" set, where Lance is the lead judge, and introduced him to the crew.

Then they took a trip to Lance's dressing room.

Linda was there, she said to Lance, "You're as nice as we thought you'd be."

"I'm just a normal guy," he said.

But this day was anything but normal for Dayne.

Dayne's Father, Dale, said the whole experience was even more rewarding for his wife. "It's the greatest thing she could have ever hoped for...not only for my son, but for her! She was so excited, that, I think she was more excited than Dayne!"

Standing with Dayne, Linda said, " Everybody's been so wonderful and Lance was just so cool and so friendly and so nice, it's what's next? We can't ever top this, but Lance said we have to have another dream, didn't he say that?"

Dayne agreed: "Yeah, yeah."

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