A "beatboxing goat" to say the weekend has arrived

(CBS News) We tend to end the work week and say it's officially the weekend here at The Feed with something light, silly, bizarre, unusual or otherwise. And, in this blogger's humble opinion, there's nothing that fits the bill more than the "beatboxing goat" above. Yeah, that's right...

The pretty wild and outrageous video was posted by YouTube user Salazaren who writes:

A goat beatboxing... I dont say!!

Is the goat really beatboxing? I'm going to put 99.9% odds on the answer being "no". But I always hold out that 0.1% chance I like to refer to as "hope". And on that note, your blogger here is going to get ready to enjoy the weekend. Well, I use the term enjoy loosely as it's snowing and bitterly cold in New York City right now. Just how cold, you ask? Well, thank you for the concern! I'd say pretty close to the level of this bonus video I've included below for your amusement. I hope everyone (else) enjoys their weekend, and make sure to keep coming back to The Feed for all of your viral video needs!