A Baby Blessing After Tragedy

Carmen and Bob Pack suffered for years after a horrible tragedy — their two children were killed by a drunken driver. But as The Early Show national correspondent Hattie Kauffman reports, they finally have a reason to smile: they have a new baby.

Nothing is more precious to Carmen and Bob than the simple task of feeding their newborn daughter.

"I couldn't believe that I was finally having my little girl in my arms after all that I went through to have her," says Carmen. "She's special for us because of the journey to get here," her husband adds.

It has been an excruciating journey. Kauffman met the family two years ago, shortly after the deaths of their two young children.

As they were on their way to get ice cream, 7-year-old Alana and 10-year-old Troy were run over.

"I wake up with the sounds that I hear, the sound of the car hitting my children's scooters and bikes in front of my eyes," Carmen recalls.

Both children were killed. The driver of the car had a history of drunken driving. In their grief, Bob and Carmen Pack began a campaign to toughen the drunken driving laws in California and they also began a quest to start another family.

But in her mid-40s, Carmen was too old to conceive on her own. Doctors used an egg donated by her niece, Pamela, who traveled all the way from Peru to be an egg donor.

Carmen became pregnant with twins, just as the trial was underway for the driver of the car in the fatal crash.

"It was too much to bear being there in front of the woman that killed my children. It was too difficult," Carmen remembers. Five months into that pregnancy, she miscarried.

"Just devastating," Bob says. "It happened during the trial. Carmen became ill right during the middle of the trial, the month-long trial, and we lost the twins a week after the trial ended."

"I definitely wanted to try again because I knew there was no future for me if I was not a mom," Carmen explains.

This time it worked. They named their baby Noelle, and she will grow up knowing about Alana and Troy.

"We have many pictures all over the house so she'll be exposed to that pretty early on and as soon as she's old enough to understand that she has her brother and sister in heaven," Bob says.

Gifts have poured in from the neighbors who know what the Packs have been through.

One day, Noelle may learn of the long journey that brought her here. For now, like any other newborn, she just wants a nap.

Carmen and Bob Pack say that when Noelle is a little older, they'd like to try and have more children.