A 2-Year-Old's Driving Ambition

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Jared Goldstein, J.D. to his friends, is at the tender age of 2-and-a-half, already in love.

The Early Show correspondent Melinda Murphy reports that Jared, who sleeps with his golf ball every night, is in love with golf.

To show off his son's knowledge of the game, his father, Craig Goldstein asks J.D., as they look at a book, "He's playing a par three and if he gets the ball on in one and putts it in, what's it called?"

J.D. answers, without hesitation, "A birdie."

That's right; J.D. reads books about golf.

Pointing at pictures in the colorful, children's book, J.D. says, "That's the iron and that's the putter."

His room is decorated with golf knickknacks and his family even named their dog Bogey.

Of course, Jared never really had a chance not to love golf. He was swaddled in a golf blanket at birth and had plastic clubs before he could crawl. His folks are pretty obsessed themselves.

Looking at home videos of her son, Beth Goldstein says, "As soon as he was able to stand, my husband started to put the little plastic clubs in his hand. Then as soon as he could walk, he was actually swinging the club."

Nowadays, Jared wants to play golf all the time. He plays in his pajamas and he plays in his backyard.

Most golfers hate sand traps, but not Jared. He loves them.

But as much as he likes the sand trap, there's a place Jared loves even more: the driving range where he amazes those who watch him play. Jared's swing is even better than that of some adults.

When correspondent Melinda Murphy gave it a try and missed a putt, Jared shouted out,"Hit it!"

She was not the only one J.D. had advice for.

Craig Goldstein recalls, "We went to the Buick classic in Westchester. We were watching the guys putt and one of the guys missed his putt and Jared screams out, 'You didn't bend your knees.'"

Jared knows - and loves - the pros.

Craig Goldstein asks his son, "What other golfers do you know? Phil?"

J.D. answers, "Nicholson"

His father continues, "And who else, Arnold?"

J.D. says, "Palmer."

But of course his hero is none other than Tiger Woods.

Asked if he wants to be like Tiger Woods when he grows up, J.D. breaks into dance.

Perhaps that is a resounding yes.

In case you thought J.D.'s parents were pushing him, that absolutely is not the case here. He really does just want to hit golf balls all the time. And when it was time to leave the driving range at the end of the day, Jared showed his true age and cried.