911 Call from Trunk of Car Leads to Kidnapper's Dead End; Woman Freed

Julian Calbert (Albuquerque Police Dept.)
Julian Calbert (Albuquerque Police Dept.)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (CBS/KRQE) Before he was shot dead by police, investigators say Julian Calbert kidnapped and beat his wife and stuffed her in the trunk of her car -- but somehow, she got out alive.

Albuquerque police said the woman, whose identity was not released, called 911 from the trunk on Tuesday after Calbert abducted her and a friend.

In a recording of the call obtained by CBS affiliate KRQE, the woman can be overheard talking to Calbert, and that gave the 911 dispatcher her location at a truck stop: "We're at Flying J's? ... How much gas are you going to put in, babe? ... I don't want to be in this trunk anymore."

Police said when they arrived Calbert denied anyone was in his trunk despite the blood on the outside of the car. Calbert turned around suddenly and hit the officer in the face, and was shot when he took out a large knife, police reported.

Calbert died at the scene.

Police identified the officer who fatally shot Calbert as Officer Aaron Zwicky, a three-year veteran of the department, according to The Associated Press.

The woman in the trunk was checked and officers say she's all right.

Story Contributed by CBS Affiliate KRQE