911 Abuse: Cows On The Loose

Video Courtesy Of WDJT Milwaukee

DODGE COUNTY, WIS. (CBS/AP) A Wisconsin woman called 911 with a simple demand: "let everybody know that there are loose cows out there!"

When 45-year-old Tammy Nuttleman's cows escaped into a pasture, she called 911 and demanded that police round up the animals because, she claimed, the town chairman "didn't do [expletive]!" about her situation.

When Nuttleman learned that the dispatcher did not consider the loose cows to be an emergency, she really lost it, going into a profanity-laced tirade about the wandering animals.

Instead of rounding up the cows, the Dodge County Sheriff's Department slapped Nuttelman with a citation for 911 abuse.

Nuttelman said she regrets her outburst, but became excited because she was afraid the cows would wander over to a highway about a mile from the pasture.