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91-year-old man named longest-serving officer in Ohio after 67 years with sheriff's department

91-year-old is Ohio's longest-serving officer
91-year-old is Ohio's longest-serving officer... 01:50

Howard Mullen graduated from high school in 1946, and almost immediately after, he dedicated his life to helping his community. Now, at 91 years old, he's being recognized by the state of Ohio for his 67 years of service.

Mullen has lived in the small town of Pomeroy almost his entire life, only leaving to attend Ohio University. He didn't complete his degree due to health reasons, and shortly after returning home, he received his EMT certification.

In 1952, he joined the Pomeroy Fire Department, and the following year he became a deputy with Meigs County Sheriff's Office. 

Decades passed, and even though he no longer works full-time, Mullen never really retired from serving. For the past 17 years, he's volunteered with the North Fort Myers Fire Department in Florida, where he lives during the winter months.

"It's just something that you like. Just something about it. It's in your blood," Mullen told WOWK. He has no plans of retiring. WOWK

"It's just something that you like. Just something about it. It's in your blood," Mullen told CBS affiliate WOWK.

Sergeant Donald Mohler with the Meigs County Sheriff's Office said that just a few weeks ago, Mullen was an integral part of an investigation. When he and Mullen were responding to a disturbance complaint, a woman came outside of her house with a gun. Mullen was the first to notice the gun and alert Mohler.

"He's out for all the parades. He has an antique car that he runs in the parades. He's been involved with the fire department in the past. He's just a community servant and that's what he loves," Mohler said.

Mullen recently went to the Meigs County Courthouse for a retirement party — but not his own. He says he has no plans to quit.

"You will die sooner, because you lose interest. You sit all day watching TV and stuff like that, I honestly think that'll take X amount of years off your life. I just don't want to slow down anymore," Mullen said.

He was recently honored by state Attorney General Dave Yost, who named him the "longest serving officer" in Ohio. He's been helping his community for 67 years, and when the 68th year comes around, Mullen intends to still be working.

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