90-year-old who risked her life during World War II finally gets skydiving wish

90-year-old woman goes skydiving
90-year-old woman goes skydiving 02:14

Homestead, Fla. — Marguerite Miller is getting her highest wish granted at the age of 90. She has wanted to go skydiving since she was a teenager, when she first witnessed bravery during World War II.

"I just remember those days we lived in Normandy. Our house was bombed down, we lost everything," she said.

Marguerite, her mother and her mother's friend risked their lives as part of the French resistance to Nazis. They saved 17 members of the Allied forces, including eight U.S. airmen, by hiding them in their apartment after the men were shot down.

"When they were shot down over Paris, we see some coming down in parachutes, you know, and then afterwards we had the stories. All the airmen that we had in our apartment told us how they escaped," Miller said.

Now it's Miller's turn to experience what it felt like to parachute out of a plane.

"I wanted to experience what my husband experienced," Miller said.

Her husband, Ed Miler, was an American airman who was shot down over France during the war. Now, 74 years after Allied airmen parachuted in to liberate her homeland, she floated freely above the U.S., her home.

"You must always help your country as much as you can and be proud," she said.

Miller got her wish thanks to Wish of a Lifetime.