9/11 Survivor Wants $911 For His Story

September 11 greed
In a famous Sept. 11 photo, Edward Fine is seen walking from the World Trade Center in a soot-covered business suit, a handkerchief over his mouth. Fine now charges $911 for interviews, the New York Post reports.

The newspaper said Fine, who owns an investment and public relations firm in New Jersey, has given about a dozen interviews for the Sept. 11 anniversary, but only to those who pay.

"I ask $500 an hour, for two it's $911 and yes, there is signficance to the sum," the Post quoted Fine as saying. "Giving interviews takes time out of running my business. Yes, I think it's justified."

The newspaper quoted another man who was the subject of a famous photo as saying he would never accept money for an interview.

"It was a very terrible things that happened that day, and to make money out of that horrible experience is just not ethical behavior," said George Sleigh.

Sleigh was one of three debris-covered businessmen who were photographed as the fled the World Trade Center's north tower.