9/11: Not Just Another Day

Maybe you saw the headline in a national paper yesterday: "Is 9/11 Just Another Day?" The answer to that question is no. And it should never be. Perhaps, by living here in New York, our sensibilities are different. Perhaps, we feel it more keenly. For us, it is very personal.

I know people whose lives were changed forever on that day -- a friend who lost her husband; a man whose entire company was wiped out, but survived because he happened to take a late train into work that day.

Everyone remembers where they were when the planes crashed into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and a field in Shanksville, Pa. I had just dropped off my daughters at pre-school when we heard about the first plane. Our initial reaction was that something had gone amiss with air traffic control. But it wasn't long until the full horror of the day began to unfold. And many remember a great irony. It began as the most beautiful picture perfect September day. The unspeakable tragedy unfolded against the backdrop of a clear blue sky.

Today, it is gloomy and rainy in New York, befitting the mood of so many who live here. The emotion is still so raw. I cannot even bring myself to visit ground zero. I cringe every time I fly over New York and look at the vast hole in its skyline.

Today, we remembered 9/11 and those who lost their lives. I interviewed Sen. John McCain who told me that when he is president, he will capture Osama Bin Laden. A bold promise. But on The Early Show, we also moved on, talking about movies and relationships and parenting. The stuff of our daily lives.

I interviewed the adorable Amanda Bynes who told me about being a teenager with serious acne. Then, after our show, I went to Fashion Week and attended the show of my friend Carmen Marc Valvo. It was a huge success, but there will be no party tonight, because of the anniversary. Another friend of mine, Kenny Chesney, is releasing his album today, along with Kanye West and 50 Cent. I'm seeing movie later this afternoon. My kids have ballet class and piano lessons.

And so we move on with our lives, while it may be a bit awkwardly and self consciously. But we do move on. And it is so healthy, so important, and so critical to forge ahead.

But is this just another day on the calendar? Far from it. And as we go forward, we can never, ever forget to look back.