‘Survivor’ Contestant Wins Honors

The street in the Lower Ninth Ward is covered in heavy dried mud as the water begins to drain from the area, in this Sept. 26, 2005 file photo in New Orleans. Rita struck two years ago, Sept. 24, 2005, a Category 3 storm whose 120-mph(193-kph)winds and 9-foot (2 3/4-meter) storm surge ruined every structure in the southwestern Louisiana towns of Johnson Bayou and Holly Beach, bringing similar destruction to southeastern Texas. (AP Photo/Ric Francis,File)
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She may or may not emerge as the sole survivor, but Survivor: Marquesas contestant Tammy Leitner is already a winner.

Leitner has received a journalism award for her work as a reporter in suburban Phoenix.

The Associated Press Managing Editors of Arizona honored her Saturday for her work as a police reporter for the East Valley Tribune. Leitner left her job in October.

Leitner was on a reporting team that won first place in APME's public service reporting category for a series on a rash of swimming pool drownings involving children. Other reporters on the project were Garin Groff, Toni Laxson and Justin Schmid.

The series looked at the impact of drownings on families and the problems facing those who survive near-drownings, and one community's decision on whether to require pool fences.

The fourth version of the CBS Survivor show is set in the South Pacific. Leitner was one of nine contestants remaining after Thursday's episode.