'8 Minutes In The Morning'

The Early Show, Weight loss specialist Jorge Cruise says just 8 minutes of exercise a day will chase unwanted pounds away, he visited The Early Show to demonstrate the '8 Minutes in the Morning' workout.
CBS/The Early Show
Do you think it takes hours in the gym to get the body you want?

Weight loss specialist Jorge Cruise explained on The Early Show that it is possible to lose 2 pounds a week by simply working out 8 minutes in the morning. He says his new book, "8 Minutes in the Morning" will help you build a new body and spirit.

The "8 Minute in the Morning" program is perfect, says Cruise, for the person who needs to lose weight, but does not have a lot of time to exercise. He says it does not require you spend hours in the gym doing weights or cardio, and there is no starvation diet.

Cruise says his two different strength training exercises are designed to build lean muscle, speed up the metabolism, get firm, and burn fat as efficiently as possible. He says the program takes only 8 minutes a day (4 minutes each).

Cruise says two important rules must be followed to lose the 2 pounds a week. The first is "stop the sabotage." He suggests ways to stop emotional eating, a leading cause of weight gain. Cruise says once you stop emotional eating, you must "burn the fat." Burning the fat is achieved by building lean muscle, which can be done with strength training exercises. The single most important factor that determines how much fat you burn throughout the day is the amount of lean muscle tissue in your body.

Most people that are overweight have a lack of lean muscle. Cruise says he believes the most effective exercise program for losing weight is a morning strength training to build lean muscle.

Cruise says the body becomes 15 to 20 years more youthful just after one year of strength training. He says strength training for 8 minutes in the morning elevates metabolism for the whole day. He says in order to guarantee a loss of 2 pounds per week you must do the 8 minutes in the morning and you must have portion control with your eating. Cruise says you can eat whatever you want in moderation.

On the "8 Minutes in the Morning" program you will be working two different muscles each day.

Here is Cruise's Workout Week:
Sunday: The day off.
Monday: Workout chest and back
Tuesday: Workout shoulders and abdominal
Wednesday: Workout triceps and biceps
Thursday: Workout hamstrings and quadriceps
Friday: Workout calves and butt
Saturday: Workout inner and outer thighs

Before any workout, you should warm the muscles. The best thing to do is jog in place. Save stretching until after strength training to avoid muscle pulls and injuries. Successful stretches are the sky-reaching pose and the hurdler's stretch.

Cruise suggests purchasing three pairs of dumbbells — a light pair, medium and heavy. This will ensure that you work your smaller and larger muscles effectively. You should take about 1 minute to perform one set of 12 repetitions of an exercise.

Cruise says the key to his program is to immediately move to the second exercise. He says to not waste any time. You will be working opposite muscles so it is not necessary to let the body rest. Do this for a total of four sets and you should be done in 8 minutes.