60,000 people sing "Bohemian Rhapsody" before Green Day concert

(CBS News) Sometimes when you least expect it, a case of spontaneous awesome can happen. It could be a happenstance run-in with your favorite singer, actor or writer. Or an athletic feat that seemed impossible and was somehow pulled off. Or maybe - just maybe - it could be 60,000 people breaking into a beloved and legendary Queen classic song in unison. Speaking of which, click play on the video above to watch one of those possibly unfold. (Spoiler: it's the last one.)

The "Bohemian Rhapsody" sing-along by around 60,000 people occurred on June 1 at Emirates Stadium in London and was posted by YouTube user Georgie Gwyther who writes:

As we waited for Green Day to start, Bohemian Rhapsody started to play and the crowd loved it :)
Best. Mass. Karaoke. Performance. Ever! And a great caught-on-camera moment to help lift your Monday. (Particularly if it's rainy and overcast like New York City.) Major thanks go out to Georgie from all of us here at The Feed for sharing this amazing musical moment online!