Viewers react to Marine Le Pen's vision of France

For many 60 Minutes viewers, Anderson Cooper's report, "Le Pen," served as an introduction to the longtime politician

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Over 10 million viewers tuned into 60 Minutes Sunday and saw Anderson Cooper’s interview with the polarizing French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. She calls for stronger immigration laws, challenges NATO, and has a friendly relationship with Russia. For many of our viewers, the piece served as an introduction to the longtime politician.

To some, she sounded familiar:

But it was Le Pen’s vision of France that piqued the interest of many of our viewers.

Le Pen says France is Bardot, not burkinis

Many viewers applauded Le Pen’s analogy

Others thought bringing the former ingenue -- who is married to a former adviser to the National Front, Le Pen’s party -- into things set a problematic standard.

Another viewer thought the reference to the singer and actress who was the model for Marianne, an official French symbol, for nearly a decade in the ‘60s and ‘70s was passe. 

And several pointed out an inaccuracy.