60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll August Edition

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Welcome to the 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll for August, a month that is conspicuously devoid of holidays and special events. The reason of course is so people may enjoy the long, lazy summer days, take family vacations and refresh themselves before the inevitable post Labor Day return to a faster pace of life. August was named for Augustus Caesar, who was known for bringing peace to the Roman empire, rebuilding Rome and its infrastructure and helping to create a more stable government.

Hopefully our representatives in Washington will take note. And now our poll results for August...

More than half of Americans (56 percent) believe that the United States should authorize cyber attacks against other countries when necessary. Twenty seven percent say no and 17 percent do not know. With more revelations from the Defense Department and other areas of government about the theft of important and sensitive material, it seems not only justified but urgent that America find a way to identify and protect ourselves from these thieves.

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