60 Minutes goes behind the scenes at the FBI

Scott Pelley and the 60 Minutes team report from the FBI's "bomb library" and meet with FBI director James Comey

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When Scott Pelley and producer Pat Milton decided to do a story on the FBI, their goal was to understand changes in the bureau since 9/11.

"This is not the days of Bonnie and Clyde," Milton tells 60 Minutes Overtime. "We've moved into high tech and state-of-the-art technology. And it was just absolutely fascinating to see the growth of where they have come since 9/11."

Milton is a seasoned investigative reporter with more than 20 years experience covering national security and has developed sources throughout law enforcement.

"When Pat Milton calls the FBI, they answer the phone," Pelley says.

While on assignment, the 60 Minutes team visited the Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center, where the FBI keeps its database of bombs.

"It's a big bomb library," Milton says. "It's just bomb DNA, and they've got it all categorized and analyzed and they can go there and determine, 'Where have we seen this?' They can also determine, 'Are there certain trends, certain kind of components in bombs that are being used that they need to take a look at?'"

The focus of the two-part report is Pelley's interview with FBI director James Comey, which first aired in two parts on 60 Minutes last October.

Says Pelley: "We asked him about a lot of things he didn't want to talk about, and we asked him a lot of tough questions: 'How do we know that you're not spying on Americans? How do we know that you're doing the right thing in every instance?' And he gave as good as he got."


The above video was produced for 60 Minutes Overtime by Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson and Craig Crawford. It was originally published on October 12, 2014.