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60 Minutes: Fighting a forest fire

Why this is the age of "megafires" 10:53

This past Sunday, 19 members of a forest fire fighting team died while trying to contain an out-of-control wildfire near Yarnell, Ariz. Large forest fires or "megafires" have become more prevalent and dangerous in recent years. These fires are fought by teams of experienced forest fire fighters known as "hot shots."

A few years ago, during one of the worst fire seasons in recorded history, Scott Pelley went out on the fire lines to investigate the rise of these megafires. In Idaho, Scott joined up with a team of "hot shot" firefighters -- a similar battalion to the one in Arizona -- and accompanied them as they tackled a blazing inferno.

To learn what it takes to fight one of these megafires and why the country is facing more fires of this size, watch Scott's 2007 report (above), "The Age of Megafires."

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