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Novelist Toni Morrison in a probing 1998 interview with Ed Bradley

Toni Morrison on "the nature of oppression"
Toni Morrison on "the nature of oppression" 02:57

Toni Morrison -- Nobel laureate, Pulitzer Prize winner, and author of acclaimed novels such as "Beloved," "The Bluest Eye," and "Song of Solomon" -- has died, Knopf Publishing has confirmed. She was 88. The publisher said Morrison died Monday night at Montefiore Medical Center in New York after a brief illness. 

A novelist finds solace and inspiration on the E train 01:19

 In 1998, Morrison was profiled on "60 Minutes" by correspondent Ed Bradley. The author told Bradley she wanted to make her activities stand for something because of a debt she felt to her family and her community. She also talked about exploring America's history of race relations with her writing.

Toni Morrison on repaying a debt to her mother 01:47

"The truth I happen to be most interested in has to do with the nature of oppression, and how people survive it, or don't," Morrison said. "It's amazing to me, particularly for African-Americans, just amazing, that we're not all dead. That's a constant shocker."

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