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60 in 6: A new era in storytelling for 60 Minutes

A new era in storytelling for 60 Minutes
60 in 6: A new era in storytelling for 60 Minutes 01:21

Tonight marks the opening of a new era in story telling for 60 Minutes. We are launching an innovative way for our one-of-a-kind reporting to reach a new and expanded audience on the mobile app Quibi.

We've named it "60 in 6" and each week "60 in 6" will report an original story in a shorter, approximately six-minute form produced specifically for viewers watching on mobile devices. 

We've recruited a dedicated staff of correspondents, producers and editors from both inside and outside CBS News who are working to guarantee true 60 Minutes reporting and high standards to the stories in our new, mobile home. This week, we kick off with Pulitzer Prize winning correspondent Wesley Lowery reporting from Minneapolis with a view from that city you haven't seen before, including an interview with George Floyd's brother Philonise.

"Do you see your brother and his story as part of a bigger, broader movement?" Lowery asks Floyd. 

"Yes, sir. People who knew my brother, they always say the same thing. Floyd, he died for a reason," Floyd says. "I think this is the biggest civil right movement ever. People tired, man. Everybody wants to live on this earth and have peace. That's all I want is peace." 

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