6-year-old dancer is way cooler than you will ever be

Jungle - Platoon from Jungle on Vimeo

(CBS News) This pint-sized fly girl likes to call herself Big Terra, and there's a reason for that. She's got enormous, huge, big, crazy, mad skills! We're talking out-of-this-world talent. Check out the video above of the best breakdancing you have witnessed from anyone -- let alone from a little kid. This girl can battle with the best of them.

No wonder she was featured on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Terra has got moves you've never seen. From popping and twirling, and flipping to spinning on her head, she makes it look all too easy. And she's got the attitude to match, making her the fliest girl around. As a bonus, watch the video from her "Ellen" appearance below. She and her 9-year-old sister, Eddie, came all the way from England for this appearance, and it was definitely worth the trip -- wow!