6 "foreign" foods invented in the U.S.

(CBS News) I am about to blow your mind. Are you ready? You sure? On your marks, get set, go! The fortune cookie is not Chinese! And German chocolate cake does not Sprechen sie Deutsch! I mean, whoa, your entire culinary belief system has probably just been burned (burned, get it?). See what other foods you thought were so impressively international, but were actually created in the good old US of A in this educational YouTube video by Vsauce2.

Talk about some great cocktail party fodder! "Hey, did you know that, the English muffin isn't English at all!" or that Russian dressing on your salad is far from Russian?" Pretty good stuff, especially if you're at a dinner party where the actual food is being served! English muffins, cake, cookies and pie for dinner? Sign me up! And I'll give you a moment of silence to reflect on that last apple pie factoid, that was a real downer.