50 years of 60 Minutes moments

To celebrate 50 seasons on air, the broadcast is ending each week with a classic 60 Minutes moment. Here's a look at them

Last Updated Apr 1, 2018 7:33 PM EDT

This season, 60 Minutes celebrates its 50th season on the air by taking a spin through its archives to find memorable moments from past years. Each week this season 60 Minutes ends with a short clip from a classic 60 Minutes story.

Senior producer Frank Devine, who has been with the broadcast for 28 years, finds these weekly moments.  

"What makes the assignment particularly enjoyable is having the opportunity to return Mike Wallace, Harry Reasoner, Ed Bradley, Morley Safer, Bob Simon and occasionally Andy Rooney to our Sunday broadcasts for this 50th season," he says.

September 24, 1968: Our first broadcast

October 5, 2008: Explaining the financial crisis

October 8, 1968: Nixon runs for office

October 23, 1983: Rainman's inspiration

October 28, 1984: The Great One

November 6, 1988: Hanging out with George Burns

November 13, 1994: Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll

November 23, 2008: Don't rush Christmas

November 23, 2008: An extraordinary talent

December 14, 1986: Will Oprah be successful?

December 20, 1981: Nancy Reagan redecorates the White House

December 23, 2007: Christmas with Andy Rooney

January 5, 2014: Venturing to a volcano's edge

January 14, 1979: Katharine Hepburn doesn't feel like a legend

February 4, 1996: "A delivery device for nicotine"

February 18, 1990: The ghosts of Chernobyl

February 28, 1999: Benigni meets the pope

March 12, 2000: The Oklahoma City bomber

January 5, 2003: Stephen Hawking

March 17, 1996: The Greatest

April 3, 2011: Gospel for Teens

April 15, 2001: On Broadway with Mel Brooks

April 9, 2006: Kenya's elephant keeper