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Man on nationwide mowing mission cuts 50 lawns in all 50 states

Man mows lawns in 50 states for those in need
Man mows lawns across America for those in need 03:01

If you don't think curb appeal means much to people, you haven't seen Rodney Smith Jr. in action. Fresh out of graduate school, Smith's life mission these days is to cut grass – free of charge. 

If you're elderly, disabled, a veteran or a single mom, Smith wants to help you out. The task may seem small, but it's all part of a bigger plan called his 50 States 50 Lawns tour.

The concept developed in 2015 when Smith saw an elderly man struggling to cut his lawn. He decided to help. That experience inspired Smith to launch Raising Men Lawn Care Service – and it keeps growing, reports CBS News' Michelle Miller.

The community service project has encouraged kids to join Smith's 50 yards challenge along the way.

"It's pretty cool to see the kids, because when I was younger I did not like to mow lawns, but God took something I disliked and turned it into something that now I love to do," Smith said.

Rodney Smith Jr. CBS News

In Minnesota, Smith met 89-year-old army veteran Ezekiel Davis, who told us, "I thank God for that man."

Stopping only for gas, a bite to eat and a few hours of sleep, Smith has averaged a state a day since May.

At one point, he ditched his wheels and his lawnmower for a flight to Alaska, where the Tutor family loaned him theirs.

"So often Alaska is kind of a forgotten place, so to come up to share one's heart makes it all the more special," Tutor said.

His nationwide mowing mission came to an end this week in Hawaii, but Smith said seven continents -- and seven lawns -- are up next. 

What he hopes to start? "A whole movement of volunteers of kids getting out there making a difference." With the goal of making this world a bit more neighborly. 

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