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5-year-old perfectly mimics Bruce Lee nunchaku moves, on The Feed!

Check out some of the latest and greatest viral videos, courtesy of The Feed!
Check out some of the latest and greatest vir... 01:50

Some of the latest and greatest viral videos viral videos include a little kid that just might be the reincarnation of Bruce Lee, a Metallica song played backwards, one of the world's largest natural waterslides and a dirtbike triple backflip.

First up, Bruce Ryu shared video of his 5-year-old son's amazing ability to mimic Bruce Lee's nunchaku moves in the movie "Game of Death."

Rob Scallon shared video of his performance of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" -- backwards. He pulls off all of the instrumentation and vocals, and then plays it all back in reverse.

If ever there was a non-Lord-of-the-Rings reason to travel to New Zealand, this is it. In this video from devinsupertramp, Mother Nature provides some built-in fun with one of the world's biggest, all natural waterslides.

And, fearless, flying stunt rider Josh Sheehan pulls off the world's first ever triple backflip on a motorcycle -- a death-defying act for which he'd been preparing for over a year -- in this video shared by Nitro Circus.

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