5-Month-Old Baby Dies While Father Joseph Trujillo Boozes at Bar, Say Colo. Cops

(Jefferson County Sheriff's Office)
GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS/AP) A 5-month old Colorado baby died while his father, Joseph Trujillo, was out boozing for more than six hours at a local bar, according to police.

PHOTO: Joseph Trujillo, 23, of Golden, Colorado arrested for leaving his baby at home to drink at a bar.

When Trujillo got back to his apartment and found his baby dead, he cradled the child in his arms and cried. His live in grandmother, awoken by his sobbing, called 911.

Jefferson County authorities have charged the 23-year-old of Golden, a suburb outside of Denver, with first-degree murder in the death of his baby, who was not named.

He is being held without bond. An autopsy on the baby is pending, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.