48 Hours Preview: Lady in the Pool

A Funeral Director's Wife Drowns in Their Pool... The Truth Lies Beneath the Surface

Lancaster County, Pa., known for its Amish heritage and peaceful lifestyle, is home to the quiet town of Denver. But on July 22, 2008, this small town was rocked when Michael Roseboro placed an emergency call to 911 after finding the body of his wife, Jan, at the bottom of their swimming pool. Less than an hour later, Jan Roseboro-mother of four-was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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The Roseboros were well known and respected in their community, where Michael ran his family's century-old funeral home and Jan was a stay-at-home mom. So idyllic was the couple's life together that friends joked that they were like Ken and Barbie. Everyone was sure her death was an accidental drowning, except for the fact - as investigators put it - adults who know how to swim typically do not drown in their own swimming pools.

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As police tried to determine what happened, Michael Roseboro remained not only composed, but extremely cooperative. But then an autopsy revealed that Jan had been strangled, beaten and then drowned. Her death was ruled a homicide and as investigators probed deeper they discovered a motive for Jan's murder. An unexpected tip revealed Michael was having an affair with Angela Funk, a married mother of two who lived near the funeral home.

When the affair was uncovered, it was only seven weeks old. But police discovered thousands of phone calls, text messages and emails between them, which they said proved that Michael and Angela were clearly obsessed with each other. They even had a tryst the day of Jan's murder and were already discussing marriage.

Did Michael Roseboro kill his wife to be with his mistress of only a few weeks? Or, did police, with little evidence to go on, rush to judgment, as Michael Roseboro's family claims? And does Angela Funk really know more than she is telling, as prosecutors believe?

Correspondent Harold Dow reports on "48 Hours Mystery: Lady in the Pool," Saturday, March 6, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.