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"48 Hours: NCIS" episode guide

"48 Hours: NCIS": Trail of Fire
"48 Hours: NCIS": Trail of Fire 43:50

 "48 Hours: NCIS" is a series from the award-winning team behind "48 Hours." Narrated by CBS' "NCIS" actor Rocky Carroll, each episode reveals, step-by-step, how investigators with the real-life NCIS track killers, crack fraud cases, and how they hunt terrorists using street smarts and technology – the cases they can't forget. 


Episode 1: Ruthless [5/22/18]

When a serial rapist targets military spouses, agents race against time before he strikes again  

"48 Hours: NCIS": Ruthless 43:18

Episode 2: A Sailor's Honor [5/26/18]

When a Navy officer vanished off a supply ship along with $8,600 during the Vietnam War, he was labeled a deserter and a thief -- but was there something more to his disappearance?  

"48 Hours: NCIS": A Sailor's Honor 43:19

Episode 3: A Date with Evil [6/5/18]

The search for a young missing military wife takes NCIS agents into the dark world of master and slave role playing where they uncover the dual life of a Marine sergeant

"48 Hours: NCIS": A Date with Evil 43:36

Episode 4: The Marine's Wife [6/12/18]

When a young military wife at the Marine Combat Base at Twentynine Palms, Calif. vanishes in the desert, NCIS agents discover she has a secret -- did it lead to murder? 

"48 Hours: NCIS": The Marine's Wife 43:39

Episode 5: Deadly Lies [6/19]

Did a duplicitous online love affair between two people who never met lead to an innocent Marine being murdered?

"48 Hours: NCIS": Deadly Lies 42:59

Episode 6: Trail of Fire [6/26]

Friends searching for a missing Army nurse find her apartment smoldering and no sign of their friend. Can NCIS agents find her?  

"48 Hours: NCIS": Trail of Fire 43:50


Episode 1:  [4/25/17]

Can a videotape left behind by a dead sailor help real-life NCIS investigators solve a double murder?

"48 Hours: NCIS": The Double Cross 42:47

Episode 2: To Catch a Killer [5/12/17]

NCIS agents in Virginia go high-tech to solve the murder of a young ballerina – and the agent who inspired CBS' "NCIS: New Orleans" shares his real-life cross-country search for the killer in a San Diego cold case

"48 Hours: NCIS": To Catch a Killer 40:25

Episode 3: "One of Their Own" [5/22/17]

Two dead, one of them a beautiful Navy sailor. Why does this case still haunt the agents who hunted the killer?

"48 Hours: NCIS": One of Their Own 40:42

Episode 4: The Terrorists, The Spies, The Hackers [5/30/17]

A Navy contractor who wanted to sell secrets, two hackers who stole 220,000 U.S. military personal records and 17 sailors killed in a terrorist attack aboard the USS Cole.

"48 Hours: NCIS": The Terrorists, The Spies, The Hackers 40:36

Episode 5: Body of Evidence [6/6/17]

NCIS agents face a tough investigation after a young mother, the girlfriend of a Navy petty officer, vanishes.

"48 Hours: NCIS": Body of Evidence 41:40

Episode 6: The Sting [6/13/17]

A tattooed NCIS agent with a black belt goes undercover to find the killer of a Navy petty officer -- can he get what he needs without getting caught?

"48 Hours: NCIS": The Sting 39:42
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