48 Hours Mystery: The Secret

When A 911 Operator Married to a Cop Vanishes Into Thin Air, Her Deadly Secret Is Exposed

"Life still goes at a small pace here in LaFayette, Walker County. You can be to work in just a few minutes…. be home in a few minutes," according to Sheriff Steve Wilson. "We're located right in the heart of the Bible Belt.

"Being able to go on Friday night to watch your children play football or watch your daughter cheerlead as I did, that's what small towns are all about."

"She was the middle sister and I was the youngest," Christina Hall told "48 Hours Mystery" contributing correspondent Tracy Smith of her sister, Theresa Parker. "Theresa loved everybody. She loved family - that was the most important thing to her. …You think of the best sister you could have and she was definitely…"

"She's one of our own. She's a 911 dispatcher," said FBI Special Agent Marc Veazey.
"She's that person on the other end of the radio when you're in need, she's there."

"When I hugged her that night, it was just the strangest thing," Hall recalled. "It was almost like just this feelin' of I was never gonna see her again.

"I just, you know, kept tryin' to call her…I just called her over and over, and over, I was panicked… She is nowhere to be found, you know. And you don't wanna think the worst, but, I mean, you do."

"This case is about a 911 dispatcher and a city police officer …a married couple and one had turned up missing," said Sheriff Wilson.

"It's like a horrible dream I can't wake up from," said Theresa's husband, Sam Parker. "I miss her, I miss her a lot."

"People came out in hundreds to search for her," said Sheriff Wilson. "We covered about 175 square miles of landmass. The community as a whole was very concerned about Theresa Parker missing."

"I am hopeful they'll find her. I hope they find her in good health," said Sam Parker.

"Every mornin', when I open my eyes, I think about her," said Hall. "You know, at night, when I lay my head down, to go to sleep, I think about her. You know, 'Theresa, where could you be?'"

"I don't believe that she would have just vanished off the face of the Earth," said Veazey.

"We knew this was not the typical missing person's case in Walker County," the sheriff said. "This was gonna be bigger than Walker County when it was all said and done."