"48 Hours Mystery": Deadly Prophecy

A Woman Writes About Her Own Death Before She Drowns - Was It an Accident, Suicide or Murder?

"She was my best friend... sometimes she was my only friend. I wish every single day of my life that I could have my mom back," said Faylene Grant's daughter, Jenna. "My mom died when I was 11. Some people think it was an accident… some people think it was a suicide. But I know it was a murder.

"My step dad murdered my mom," she said.

"Faylene is a good person," Doug Grant told "48 Hours Mystery" correspondent Susan Spencer. "I have never hurt anybody in my life - ever!"

Friend and Physician's Assistant Chad White said, "Doug called me very frantic. He just said he found her in the tub and that she was not responding to him."

"I had my hand on the door handle to her bedroom as it was happening," Jenna explained.

"I've been working on this story for a number of years," said Reporter Paul Rubin. "By all accounts, Faylene Grant is a wonderful woman. Very, very close to her family - and especially close to her church.

"This is something my mom wrote in her journal, '…it is Heavenly Father's will that I leave this mortal sphere to fulfill a mission on the other side of the veil.'"

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"She also wrote: 'I must have faith in Doug's vision. He dreams it every night now ... that I will get to go to the Celestial Kingdom."

According to Prosecutor Juan Martinez, "Douglas Grant used organized religion in killing Faylene Grant… The motive in this case is a married man wanting to be with a younger woman."

"I'm the lucky one. Think what you want to think, that's fine," said Hilary Grant, the woman Doug married after Faylene's death.

"Have there been other women in his life? Yes, but he is not a murderer," said defense attorney Mel McDonald.

"I know that my brother Doug is innocent," Tammy Fuentes said. "I mean, if you saw the volumes of letters that she wrote [in] her journals, it's bizarre!"

"Here is woman who has talked to God, God has told her that she is going to die," said McDonald.

"She did not want to die. But it was Mr. Grant's vision that she would and she accepted the death sentence that was meted out by her husband," said Martinez.

"I didn't kill my wife - never in a million years," said Doug.

"This one is a classic," Rubin said. "It's got this epic sweep of sex and drugs and religion. Homicide, suicide or accident? Was there even a murder here?"