48 Hours Live to Tell: Full Moon

Two Teens Shot, Left for Dead on a First Date; One Survives to Tell her Story

Produced by Chris Young, Joan Adelman and Richard Barber

What if someone wants you dead… but you live to tell? Yvette Rodier gives a firsthand account of a random act of violence 14 years ago that claimed the life of her friend… and left her fearing for her life.


Yvette Rodier: It was a stunning summer night. The moon was out. Beautiful full moon.

I'm still afraid during full moons. Not really afraid of the moon, but just that something bad could happen during a full moon.

On Aug. 28th, 1996, I went out on a date with my Zach.

It was the very first time he'd asked me out on a date. And a part of me just thought, "Why would I go on a date with you? You're my Zach. You're my friend." But then, I thought, "Absolutely."

We just started driving up the canyon. I remember feeling that little twinge of excitement when you realize you really have a crush on someone and that they have a crush on you.

Zach Snarr… made me laugh. And that connected us from the very beginning. In high school, we just really - it seemed like we had every class together… and he'd always have some smart alec remark to make when I walked in the classroom. And I think I started to look forward to those comments. To see, well, what would he say about me today?

While we're driving, I remember thinking, "I'm gonna get a kiss tonight. Zach's gonna kiss me tonight." Zach turned into this parking lot. And he said, "Well, I've got a surprise for you."

And then he pulled out his photography equipment. Zach was gonna teach me how to take pictures. He loved black and white pictures and we were gonna get pictures of this full moon tonight.

We went down a cement pathway. …we went down probably 100 yards. And I think it was about that time that a white truck pulled up. And in Utah, at 9, 8:30 at night, cars pull up in the mountains. You don't think anything at all.

The man in the truck started walking toward us.

And he asks me, "Do you know where this path goes?"

And I answered back saying something like, "Oh, I don't know. We've never been here." Or, "I'm not sure." And that's when I turned my back. And I don't know if Zach turned his head, too. But I hope that Zach turned away. Because that's when the man pulled out a gun and just open fire.

He aimed at us and let every single bullet out of his gun.