48 Hours: Jailhouse Diary

A Transcript of Excerpts from Marjorie Orbin's Video Diary

In a series of exclusive video jailhouse diaries taped over 6 months, Marjorie Orbin discloses details about her life before jail, her behavior following Jay Orbin's death, and Jay's whereabouts on that ill-fated day.

Hi, my name is Marjorie Orbin. I've seen some of the best things life has to offer. I've traveled all over the world. I've lived all over The United States. I danced - I was a professional dancer and choreographer in my 20s - teens and 20s. I danced all over the world, Tokyo, Paris, Italy, Germany, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Florida cruise ships, Disney World. I've done things that a lot of people only dream of doing. I've spent many years having a very fantastic life and lifestyle.
I- have done a number of music videos, a couple of small movies, calendars, posters, some modeling. I've spent vacation in the south of France of the Cannes Film Festival, Nice. I've spent vacations in the Caribbean on yachts.

And now I can say that I've seen some of the worst things life has to offer. This is Friday, June 19th, and I have spent 1,656 days incarcerated - that's 4 1/2 years, charged with first degree murder, a murder I did not commit

I spent - 10 years here in Phoenix being a mom, a wife, a business partner, and a very respectful - friend - friendship-based - relationship. That all ended in September of 2004. An unforeseen, tragic incident that I came upon after the fact - caused the death of Jay Orbin. I did not cause his death, nor did I have anything to do with what was done to his body afterward.

Jay's death was accidental and it was a confrontation between he and another person.

Jay instructed me that if anything ever happened to him, to get any large purchases out of the way because his - the - large - income that was generated from his traveling would no longer be available and the business would run at a smaller scale.

I wrote checks on accounts that I technically was not a signer on, which I did and admit. I told the police that I had done that and later they charged me with theft and fraudulent schemes. Now, in Jay's absence, I don't know what I was supposed to do. Was - I don't know if they think I was supposed to - you know, not pay the bills and not do what Jay instructed me to do.

He left the warehouse with the back of the truck open, wide open. And he left the warehouse with his checkbook and a bunch of credit cards wide open on his desk. That is how I know he was not planning on coming home to spend the night. He would never had spent any length of time away from the warehouse unsecured. Jay was not like that.

Every account from Jay's friend's ex - verifies that. Said he was very security conscious. He would never have left those things like that, not even overnight. He stepped out of the warehouse, probably to get himself something to eat and to pick up his contacts. And he was heading back to the warehouse. And since he was so close to the home, he made a last minute, unforeseen decision to stop by the house. A last minute, fatal decision, unfortunately.