"42": Chadwick Boseman up at bat as Jackie Robinson

Some of Hollywood's heavy hitters are starring in the new sports drama, "42."

Harrison Ford plays famed Brooklyn Dodgers president Branch Rickey, who signed baseball great Jackie Robinson to his team in the 1940s to help integrate the sport.

The biopic focuses on Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) as he broke down the color barrier, becoming the first African American athlete to play major league baseball.

The film's title comes from Robinson's team number on the Dodgers.

The number still plays a big part in the world of baseball. Every year on April 15, known as Jackie Robinson Day, all of the players, managers, coaches, and umpires in the MLB wear the number 42 as a way to pay tribute to Robinson.

CBS News' Bigad Shaban sat down with Boseman and asked if he still has his 42 jersey.

"I can't tell you. They'll know I stole it from the set," Boseman joked.

Boseman also spoke about what it was like to step into the role of one of baseball's most celebrated figures. Watch video above to see what he has to say.

"42" opens in theaters on Friday.

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