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4-year-old Jesse Koczon upset he couldn't be governor of New Jersey... becomes governor!

(CBS) - Four-year-old Jesse was very upset about something the other week. Did it involve candy? Nope. Did it involves toys or video games? Nope. Did it involve wanting to be the Governor of New Jersey? Bingo.

And now that his caught-on-tape outburst has gone viral, his dream has come true.  Governor Chris Christie officially made little Jesse Koczon the governor of New Jersey for a day.  You will laugh and cry as you watch the hilarious press conference.  Kudos to Governor Christie for making a young boy's dream come true!

To watch the original video, click HERE.  It seems one of the biggest obstacles young Jesse was running into was that he thought he was too small to become governor. Priceless!

Along with Jesse's adorable and hilarious outburst, moments such as his young brother impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

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Jesse, you have just won my vote when you are up for your re-election to be governor of New Jersey!

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