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4-year-old boy has photoshoot with beloved baby doll he got when his dad was deployed

Boy has photoshoot with beloved baby doll
4-year-old boy has photoshoot with beloved baby doll he got when his dad was deployed 01:46

Four-year-old Jynsen Tyler Fitz asked his mom if he could do a photoshoot with his favorite toy — a baby doll he affectionately named "Three." Jynsen's mom, Ashley Fitz, is a photographer in Indiana and wanted to support her son. So she took photos of him cradling his baby doll and posted the adorable pictures on Facebook.

The pictures of Jynsen and Three quickly went viral, and Fitz has explained why the doll is so important to her son. "Jynsen picked his baby out when my my husband left for deployment," Fitz told CBS News via message. "All three of my boys were upset that he was gone, so I took them to Walmart to brighten up their day."

This evening as I was editing, my youngest son informed me that his baby girl, named "three", has not had her pictures...

Posted by Ashley Mae Photography LLC on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The mom explained when her husband was deployed to the Middle East, she allowed her sons to each pick out a toy. They started in the truck section, but Jynsen wandered over to the dolls, where he found what he wanted.

Fitz isn't exactly sure why her son named the doll Three — maybe because was almost 3 years old at the time. One thing she does know is that Three became extremely important to Jynsen very quickly. 

"Over the course of the deployment, Jynsen was pretty attached to her," Fitz said. "He took her to the park, they went fishing together, he would rock her to sleep."

Fitz often photographs families and newborns. Her son sees her taking pictures of babies and wanted to do a photoshoot of his own. He's had his photo taken with Three before, but this time he wanted it to be extra special. 

"It was really cute, he even picked out a headband from my collection to match her wrap," Fitz said. "Honestly, I was excited! I love seeing him love on this sweet baby doll. He is such a caring and sensitive little boy. It was the sweetest thing."

When she posted the photos on her professional Facebook page, Ashley Mae Photography, Fitz received a ton of feedback, which she said was 95% positive.

Wow, guys I didnt expect all of this! Thank you for all of your kind words, and support of Jynsen, and Three. If you're...

Posted by Ashley Mae Photography LLC on Saturday, September 28, 2019

"I have three boys and each of them have played with kitchen sets and baby dolls," she said. "I don't understand the stereotype that boys should play with trucks, and girls should play with dolls, toys do not have a gender."

Fitz said she never thought the photos would go viral. Amid all the attention, she said she has "learned to just ignore the hateful comments and love that my son has inspired so many little boys."

"I have so many messages on my business page from other moms who's little boys have decided to pick up their dolls again after seeing Jynsen," she told CBS News. "And for that I am glad I posted his photos and I'm glad that Jynsen decided to have a session with Three."

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