4 emus on the loose in Texas neighborhood

ROUND ROCK, Texas --Authorities spent an afternoon trying to corral four emus that managed to escape their backyard home and go for a run in a Round Rock neighborhood.

The group was seen walking near a golfing area in the subdivision, CBS affiliate KEYE reported.

Police were notified of the animal escape in the Forest Creek neighborhood around 2 p.m. Thursday. The owner of the birds, Lori Kessler, says she does not know how Emmitt, Huey, Dewey and Louie got out of her fenced-in backyard, but did note the gate to the backyard was open when she got home from work.

By late afternoon, Round Rock police spokeswoman Angelique Myers said animal control and police had not been able to contain the flightless birds. Police had set up roadblocks to contain the animals, which they say can be dangerous.

Kessler says the only thing they can do is try to herd the animals back.