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3D: No Glasses, All Stupid

On the hierarchy of nerd fascinations, few things rank higher than 3D without the use of ridiculous-looking, uncomfortable glasses. Well, good news, nerds! It looks as though Johnathan Post may have made the dream a reality. Turns out, you don't need glasses to look absurd while you watch things fly at your face. No, Post has taken more of a colorful, Frankenstein approach. In the video he posted (get it?) on Youtube, the uber-French Francois (who bears a striking resemblance to Family Ties dad and ex-gang banger Michael Gross) shows off the technological breakthrough.

Here's how it works: First, lower your self-esteem and make sure no one is watching. Then, take two self-adhesive LED lights - one red, one blue - and stick them to your head. Next, swallow a demon and some seizure medication, and grow a sweet beard. Finally, press play on two remotes at the same time and watch the fireworks fly.

Certainly, there is some debate as to the validity of this video. Is it for real, or just a stupid human trick? And, if it is truly authentic, is sending you eyelids into convulsions better than wearing a pair of glasses? One thing is for sure, if you want 3D, prepare to look stupid.

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