3-year-old wanders out of Pa. day care center, roams town for over half-hour, report says

Pa. day care center from where a 3-year-old boy wandered away
CBS Philly
Feltonville, Pa. day care center which a 3-year-old boy wandered away from for over a half-hour
CBS Philly

(CBS) PHILADELPHIA - Authorities are investigating why a 3-year-old was able to walk away from a Feltonville day care center and wander around the neighborhood for over 30 minutes, according to CBS Philly.

Police reportedly said the boy left a day care facility through a rear door that was left open, and a gate in a fenced backyard play area that was left unlatched.

The boy allegedly roamed the streets for more than 30 minutes before a neighbor spotted him and held him until police arrived.

According to the station, police said the staff thought the toddler was in the bathroom or perhaps hiding before they realized he was gone.

The child was also caught on a neighbor's home security camera as he headed towards a busy boulevard, reports the station.

Authorities said the day care center is fully licensed to operate. Staff members declined to speak to CBS Philly about the incident.

Police reportedly said it was the child's first day at the facility.

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