3-Year-Old Baseball Prodigy Struts Stuff

Mitch Rodriguez Jr Mookie baseball prodigy
Sometimes, the most unexpected things in life can turn out to be the biggest blessings. A three-year-old baseball prodigy is proof of that.

Lindsay and Mitch Rodriguez were faced with an unplanned pregnancy when they were just 19 years old. They decided to have the baby, despite the challenges of juggling school, work, and raising a child. "It was a very hard decision, and best decision we made together," Lindsay told CBS4's Prim Siripipat.

Nowadays, Mitch Rodriguez Jr., also known as "Mookie", is the love of their life. He's also loved by Barry University's baseball team.

"That kid means everything to the team," first baseman Yan Gomes said. "You'll see after the game when he comes out here. Everyone's yelling at him; see what he does 'cause every game he's out here, it's hilarious."

Mookie's father plays shortstop for the Buccaneers. As a result, Mookie has been around baseball since he was six months old. At just three, the child can hit, bunt, slide and pitch. He even knows the batting order and can identify every player on the roster by their number.

He can even imitate every player's stance and swing. "He puts a smile on my face. I just can't believe it," Mitch said.

Mookie goes to every home game. If Barry wins, he proudly walks out onto the field to show off his stuff to the crowd. The only thing he seems shy about is talking to the camera!

Here's the story and video:

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