3 Skinned Dogs Found Along Ky. Road

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GREENUP, Ky. - The game warden of an eastern Kentucky county is on the search for whoever left a bloody sight along a local road: three skinned dogs.

The animals were skinned and their carcasses hung on display along a road in the eastern part of the state, CBS Affiliate WKYT reports.

Law enforcement officers are trying to find the person responsible.

A retired police officer and Army vet who lives nearby says it was like nothing he's ever seen.

"My daughter said, 'Oh my gosh, Dad, what is that hanging there on the stump?'" George Coleman told WKYT. "It was too big to be one of the coyotes. It looks exactly like a golden retriever that's been running around here."

The Greenup County Game Warden had been in the area searching for reported illegal hunters and poachers. No arrests have been made, but the warden left his business card visible on the trail as a warning.

The skinned dogs were found the next day.

The Game Warden says animal cruelty charges will be filed after he finds a suspect.