3 Men Fight Killer Shark For 2 Hours

tiger shark
Three men spear fishing for tuna at the mouth of the Mississippi last June got much more than they bargained for -- a two-hour, life-and-death struggle with a giant, menacing shark.

The fight for survival was caught on video.

It ended with their having to kill the 12-foot tiger shark -- something they expressed deep regret over in an interview Friday on The Early Show, stressing that they fish for food and sport, and respect the water and the creatures living in it.

They've engaged in spear fishing for years, often together, and frequently encountering sharks. But this time was different.

Ryan McInnis, a filmmaker, was on hand to record fellow spear fisherman Craig Clasen as Clasen sought the tuna. Photographer D.J. Struntz was taking stills.

They told co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez their terrifying ordeal began when McInnis -- with only his camera in-hand -- started screaming for help: