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22 New 'Amazing Race'Travelers

Once again, 22 people will embark on the adventure of a lifetime. "The Amazing Race" host, Phil Keoghan reports they'll make up the 11 teams on this summer's edition of the reality show game. Each team is made up of two people with an existing relationship.

They are:

  • Linda and Karen. Best friends and self-proclaimed bowling moms from Palmdale, Calif., they look very sweet, but they're in it to win. "I think it's going to work to our advantage," Linda says. "They'll say 'Those are the friendly moms.' And we'll zomp 'em one by one."
  • Chip and Kim. Other teams representing the 40-something set are Chip and Kim, married for 26 years, parents of three, and co-owners of their own computer company.
  • Bob and Joyce. A widow and widower who met on the Internet, they are, at age 61 and 54, the competition's oldest participants, a fact they say they plan to use to their advantage.
  • Kami and Karlie. It wouldn't be "The Amazing Race" without a set of identical twins. This time out, there's feisty Kami and Karlie from Eugene, Ore. Says Kami, "Part of this race will include doing what we're good at, which is…" In unison with Karlie, she concludes, "…manipulating."
  • Marshall and Lance. Just as feisty are these New York brothers, who moved to Dallas to open up a pizzeria. Says Lance, "We don't get along, we fight all the time, we don't agree." Marshall adds, "We're the exact opposite in terms of thought process, personality, everything we do."
  • Brandon and Nicole. This is one of two teams that include a beauty pageant winner. Nicole was Ms. Texas in 2003.
  • Christie and Colin. Christie, a former Ms. Teen USA, plans on using her pageant experience to help herself and boyfriend, Colin, cross the finish line first.
  • Erika and Dennis. These upstate New Yorkers were engaged until Dennis learned of Erika's passion for sky diving without clothes. He has since called off the nuptials. He says, "I flipped out. I didn't expect her to come down naked skydiving. She thinks it's a big joke."
  • Jim and Marsha. They are not your typical father and daughter. He's a former Vietnam vet and she's a former NFL cheerleader.
  • Charla and Mirna. Charla is the show's first little person who hopes to shatter many common stereotypes when she competes with her cousin, Mirna. Says Charla, "The image people get when they first see me, they think I can't do anything. They think I'm not capable. That is totally wrong. I'm capable of doing anything and everything!"
  • Alison and Donny. In another first, Alison is a former reality star who wants a second chance to seek fame and fortune - this time, with her boyfriend, Donny. She says, "I was on "Big Brother" and came in second place. And I did a lot of bad things."

Tune in on July 6, when all 11 teams line up at the starting line in Santa Monica, Calif., to begin the ultimate marathon around the world.

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