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"21 Jump Street"-style sting nets 6 arrests at Texas high schools

PEARLAND, Texas - In a case straight from the movie "21 Jump Street," an undercover drug sting in Pearland, Texas led to the arrest of six students, reports CBS affiliate KHOU.

As part of the sting, an undercover officer disguised as a student spent several months at two Pearland high schools, according to the station.

The sting resulted in three students from Pearland High School and three from Glenda Dawson High School being arrested. The four adult students were identified by KHOU as Aaron Coleman, Matthew Richardson, Jonathan Gonzales and Kevin Lambert.

The other two suspects are juveniles so their names weren't released.

Investigators reportedly seized cocaine, marijuana, alprazolam and tramadol during their investigation.

The charges against the students include delivery of marijuana, delivery of a controlled substance and delivery of a dangerous drug.

The Brazoria County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Task Force and the Pearland Police Department orchestrated the sting.

In the movie "21 Jump Street," two cops - played by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum - go undercover as high school students in an effort to shut down a drug ring.

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