2012 Republican primary calendar

Republican presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks during a campaign stop at The Gigglin' Goat in Boone, Iowa, Saturday, Dec. 31, 2011.

January 3

Iowa caucuses

January 10

New Hampshire primary

January 21

South Carolina primary

January 31

Florida primary

February 4

Nevada caucuses

February 7

Colorado caucuses
Minnesota caucuses
Missouri primary (non-binding)

February 4-11

Maine caucuses

February 28

Arizona primary
Michigan primary

March 3

Washington caucuses

March 6 -- Super Tuesday

Alaska caucuses
Georgia primary
Idaho caucuses
Massachusetts primary
North Dakota caucuses
Ohio primary
Oklahoma primary
Tennessee primary
Vermont primary
Virginia primary

March 10

Kansas caucuses
Virgin Island caucuses
Wyoming caucuses

March 13

Alabama primary
Hawaii caucuses
Mississippi primary
America Samoa caucuses

March 17

Missouri caucuses

March 18

Puerto Rico primary

March 20

Illinois primary

March 24

Louisiana primary

April 3

District of Columbia primary
Maryland primary
Wisconsin primary

April 24

Connecticut primary
Delaware primary
New York primary
Pennsylvania primary
Rhode Island primary

May 8

Indiana primary
North Carolina primary
West Virginia primary

May 15

Nebraska primary
Oregon primary
Idaho primary (non-binding)

May 22

Arkansas primary
Kentucky primary

May 29

Texas primary

June 5

California primary
Montana primary
New Jersey primary
New Mexico primary
South Dakota primary

June 26

Utah primary