2012 American Music Awards: Color them red and black

Country singer Taylor Swift started the year as Billboard's top moneymaker for 2011. At year's end, she was featured on the soundtrack for "The Hunger Games," one of the year's hottest movies, and her album "Red" had the biggest sales week for any album in a decade. Swift also got cozy with a Kennedy (18-year-old Conor Kennedy, the son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.) and began dating a member of the year's hottest boy band, One Direction.
Kevin Winter/Getty

Red and black was the color scheme of the night at the 40th annual American Music Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

Multiple award winner Justin Bieber wore a red and black outfit as he gave a stripped down, acoustic performance of "As Long As You Love Me,"' sitting down as someone played the guitar. He transitioned to the dance-heavy "Beauty and a Beat," where Nicki Minaj joined him onstage, grinding with the teen for a few seconds.

Bieber's mentor, Usher, opened the show dressed in black leather pants, a black T-shirt and red high tops. His medley was performed amid smoke curls with green lasers in the background.

Swift began her performance in a light dress while dancers wore mostly black. But then she changed into a red corset and black skirt, matching their dark mood. She even danced and sang on the floor as lights flickered throughout the performance.