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2003 From The Runways Of The World

As we say goodbye to 2002, we also bid adieu to some of last year's most popular fashion trends, from the prairie look to head-to-toe denim. But there's no reason to get misty eyed over the passing of those looks. Early Show's style guru, David Evangelista, has peered into his crystal ball and tells us about some of the new, hot fashions for the new year.
Lots of old styles are new again, as looks from different decades of the last century are revamped for the new millennium. Here are Evangelista's choices for five fabulous fads to look out for in 2003:

'40s and '50s Fabulous
Designers in New York, Paris, London and Milan return to a more feminine, tailored look for spring 2003. Dresses and pantsuits are reminiscent of glamour looks from the 1940s and '50s, with handkerchief hemlines, ruffles, polka-dots, sculpted shoulders - and even Mary Jane pumps.

Designers including Donna Karan, Bagdley Mischka, Marc Jacobs, and Louis Vuitton all paid homage to the days of Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe with their retro styles paraded down the runway. It's a return to "dressing," a return to sophistication and polish, and a true return to femininity.

Bright, Beautiful Color
Unlike recent years, 2003 will be infused with loud and bright colors. Nearly every designer has at least one brightly colored look in their collection, but collections from such designers as Versace, Louis Vuitton, Diane von Furstenberg, Valentino, and Donna Karan were bursting at the seams with bright pinks, yellows, oranges and greens (think sherbet colors meet DayGlo).

As Evangelista says, pink is the new black for spring 2003.

Big Hair Is Back
We're not talking "Jersey" big hair, we're talking big hair a la Bardot or Barbarella – a.k.a. "sex kitten" big hair. Designers like Valentino, Cacharel, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and Marc Jacobs brought chignons (and - gasp - even beehives!) reminiscent of the '60s back to the runways for their 2003 spring collections. Unlike recent seasons, hair pulled back off the face had a lot of noticeable lift at the top of the head. Evangelista advises women to throw their straightening irons out the window and grab the ol' AquaNet and teasing comb, because poofy, tousled, sexy hair is back in full force.

'60s Mod Makeup
What goes better with sex kitten hair than Cleopatra eyes? Nothing! Yes, the dark-lined lid (a.k.a. "the cat's eye," so popular in the '60s) is back in full-force. Gone are the deep berry-colored lips and cheeks we've seen as of late, the only way to wear the new dark eye is with light pink cheeks, lips, and a little shimmer powder on the cheek bones. The eyeliners are especially great for achieving that elongated, winged-out line without looking like you've had a seizure while applying your makeup.

The Fashionista Must-Have Accessory For 2003
Marc Jacobs and the house of Louis Vuitton have created the most coveted accessory for 2003: the Vuitton Murakami bags.

With the help of Tokyo-based artist Takashi Murakami, the Vuitton monogrammed canvas has been kicked up several notches with vivid rainbow colors and Japanese anime art smattered onto each bag. Other Vuitton/Murakami bags are decorated with odd art, including anime jellyfish eyes. The bags had the top fashionistas of the world oohing and aahing at the Vuitton spring show - so much, in fact, that there's already a waiting list to get one of these beauties. Prices range from $900 up.