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200 sparklers ignited at once for the 4th of July

(CBS News) We are closing in quickly on Independence Day, so it's only fitting that we honor this historical occasion with a nod to the fireworks that tend to occur each year during it. So watch in the experiment above as 200 sparklers get set off at once in tribute to the holiday.

The explosive clip was created for the 4th of July and Canada Day by HouseholdHacker, who has graced The Feed's pages many times in the past, and who writes about the pyrotechnics:

For this patriotic season we wanted to test out a question we had. What would 200 sparklers lit at the same time look like? Safety was of course our first goal and we achieved this by using metal tubing as a strong base container, as well as having multiple fire extinguishers on hand. Let us know what you think! Happy 4th of July and Canada Day!

My screen went almost completely white in the center of the screen for a bit there. Did yours do that, too? (Or do I just have my monitor settings off, again?) Moving on... and because the only thing better than one fireworks video display in honor of these holidays is two (okay, maybe three), we've got a "solar scorcher" bonus below from Grant Thompson to keep the explosions going. Happy upcoming 4th of July and (belated) Canada Day to everyone celebrating these holidays!

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