2-year-old girl attempts to say the word "banana"

(CBS News) First off, I know what you're probably thinking: "Where was new content on The Feed last week?" And I could go into a long explanation involving time travel and space pirates and the Mayan calendar and the fate of the world being on the line during a very eventful week. Or I could just show you this extremely cute clip of a toddler attempting to say the word "banana"...

Okay, so I went ahead and decided for you to show the adorable overload video posted by YouTube user PeregrinusHumilus who writes about the caught-on-tape moment:

My then two year old daughter Payton... it took some time to get her to actually say this on camera. When she was younger she always hammed it up for the camera, but at some point she began to be camera shy. My laugh was me trying to not laugh :)

I have a feeling that one of Payton's New Year's resolutions is to learn how to say the word "banana" properly. Which is a shame, because I like her way a lot better. I'm happy to be back here at The Feed, very excited for 2013, and hope you are all, too. Happy New Year, everyone!