2 NATO service members killed in Afghanistan

Afghan National Army cadets march following a Taliban capture military exercise, overseen by French and Canadian soldiers, at the Kabul Military Training Center on November 13, 2012 in Kabul, Afghanistan. The center conducts training between 10-24 weeks to prepare recruits for service.
Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

KABUL, Afghanistan Two service members with the U.S-led military coalition were killed Friday by a roadside bomb in eastern Afghanistan, the coalition said. Their nationalities were not released.

So far this year, 377 U.S. and other foreign troops have been killed in Afghanistan.

In a separate incident on Friday, a roadside bomb in western Afghanistan killed 17 civilians traveling to a wedding, an Afghan official said.

Abdul Rahman Zhuwandai, a spokesman for Farah province, said the civilians were riding in a bus that hit the bomb in Pusht Rod district.

At least 10 people were wounded in the explosion in what is a relatively peaceful part of the country.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai condemned the attack, saying, "Our people want to live in joy and happiness."