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2 Florida teens accused of cat shootings after cellphone video confiscated

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(CBS/AP) JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Two Jacksonville, Fla. teens have been arrested this week after a cellphone video of cats being shot at point-blank range was confiscated by police during a drug arrest.

Mason Andrew Lanier, 18 was arrested Monday on charges of animal cruelty, criminal conspiracy, possession of marijuana with intent to sell and possessing drug paraphernalia, according to the Florida Times-Union.

Ethan Peoples, 17, was arrested Wednesday on charges of animal cruelty, reports the Times-Union.

Police say they discovered the video while arresting Lanier on drug charges. The video, which was recorded on Lanier's cellphone, included audio of the person holding the phone saying, "Shoot him in the face."

According to an arrest report, Lanier first told police he knew nothing about the video, claiming it was already on the phone when he bought it from the younger teen. Lanier then told officers he was filming while the other teen killed the cats, according to the report.

Lanier reportedly told police Peoples had reported a "cat problem" at a restaurant owned by a relative. According to the Times-Union, Lanier said he and Peoples trapped the cats before shooting them.

The relative who owns the restaurant has reportedly denied Peoples making any claim about a cat problem at the establishment.

Peoples has since been released to his parents, according to his attorney, the Times-Union reports. Lanier remains in jail on $113,500 bail.

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