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2 flights have fender bender at JFK

A Delta flight came in contact with an American Airlines aircraft on the runway at JFK airport in New York on Tuesday night, both airlines confirmed to CBS News.

The wing on Delta Flight 2503 came in contact with the tail of American Airlines Flight 290, a Boeing 757 that was waiting to depart to Dublin, CBS News' transportation correspondent Kris Van Cleave reports. 

According to audio from the cockpit on ATC, the Delta aircraft is instructed to move. The American captain described the collision as a "big jolt."

The Delta flight returned to the gate and the passengers deplaned normally, Delta said in a statement. The passengers aboard the American Airlines flight were transferred to a different aircraft, which eventually departed for Dublin. American's maintenance team is evaluating the damage to the Boeing 757.

The incident comes weeks after a near-disaster was averted at San Francisco airport when an Air Canada flight lined up to land on a taxiway where four other airliners were waiting to take off. Canada's Transportation Safety Board said early indications are the flight came within just 29 feet of one plane and "overflew the first two aircraft by 100 feet." 

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